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tattoo graphic/text on commission <3

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    How does the request works?
    Once you’ve purchased the selected product, insert in the order infos (along with your personal informations and mail) in the ‘note’ section, the text you want me to relaborate in my personal handwriting.
    You’re gonna receive back various example of your design through mail, as a jpeg file <3
    Obviously, i’m open to more realaborations of the design, if the first graphic sent is not to your liking.

    • 1 to 3 words: 5€
    • 3+ words: 8€
    • words + a little graphic: 25€

    Shipping Info

    Free shipping on orders over €150!
    Please do not select ‘local pickup’ shipping option if you’re not gonna be able to come to my studio to get your order! ♡♡♡
    PROCESSING TIME: 2-4 Working Days

    Estimated shipping times:
    • ITALY 1-4 working days
    • SAN MARINO 4-6 working days
    • AUSTRALIA 15 working days
    • UK 5-7 working days
    • USA 10-15 working days
    • SWITZERLAND 3-6 working days
    • UE 4-10 working days
    • OTHERS 10-15 working days