Custom Artwork

Original handmade painting on commission <3

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    How does the request works?
    In this format, you can request me a personalized commission.
    The request process goes like this:

    • once you press the request button, you will be redirected to a custom screen.
    • in the information box, first of all insert a contact email where we can discuss your request in depth.
    • in the ‘details’ box enter the desired dimensions, the chosen technique and broadly what you would like to appear in the artwork, in order to start making an idea together if it is feasible or not.
    • you can also attach jpeg files of my previous works or photos inspo as an example if they can help me better understand the concept you want to keep in the artwork.

    once you have completed all the fields, request a quote and you will be contacted to discuss the price, and if you accept, pay for the artwork! From then on I will take over your order and start working on the commission. <3

    Shipping Info

    Free shipping on orders over €150!
    Please do not select ‘local pickup’ shipping option if you’re not gonna be able to come to my studio to get your order! ♡♡♡
    PROCESSING TIME: 2-4 Working Days

    Estimated shipping times:
    • ITALY 1-4 working days
    • SAN MARINO 4-6 working days
    • AUSTRALIA 15 working days
    • UK 5-7 working days
    • USA 10-15 working days
    • SWITZERLAND 3-6 working days
    • UE 4-10 working days
    • OTHERS 10-15 working days